ARTICLES - מאמרים

Cruise Into The Void
In a center of a room whose walls are painted in black, inviting a viewer's eye a shimmering missile.
The missile, is a sculptural object made of a construction of a minimalist tree covered in a laborious work with hundreds of synthetic gift ribbons, a silver disposable mass production object. The ribbons, associate terror and fear with the world of glamor and splendor.

A Side from the missile, Liora shows acrylic paintings where you can see traces of brush strokes, incidental details of color, the artist's handwriting.
The installation also includes white envelopes. The empty envelopes represent a non-electronically non-fast correspondence. Until the early twentieth century, dominated the rich culture pens of calligraphy. The Development of the disposable pen, contributed to accessibility of the craft of writing but also hurt the relationship between the writer and the man in his writing tool. The painterly sculptural and architectural work in this installation, merges the techniques, the aesthetic issues and cultural inspirations.

The installation "Cruise into the void" embodies the experience of total presence momentary experience of life, a moment of perfection and being part of the world as part of a single tissue. It was inspired by photo montage of French artist Yves Klein's "Leap into the Void" (1960), and is a metaphor for a spiritual space entry, an assimilation in a vacuum in order to create something new.
Curator: Revital Silverman-Grun






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