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God Almighty


A black spot.

You walk the crowded streets of London or even Tel Aviv and in all Western human bustle, and all that color, you notice a black spot. A woman wrapped in black, hidden.

You discover only one thing: eyes. Women in black, religious. In extreme Islam, in certain societies, they even have no name or identity. The visual is led to the exhibition "God almighty".

Later, I felt the need to go to Caravaggio – for powerful religious paintings powerful, cruel to a point, colorful and sensual.

I drowned myself in the library of the Tel Aviv Museum into a pile of books of that Italian painter and came across a painting; the Sacrifice of Isaac.

The truth, at first I did not notice it sacrifice, but other elements like horns of a stag, the curls of the child with the sword…

This suited me. I looked for a connection to a black woman, suffocated, imprisoned, sacrificing.

Suddenly, the mobile rang and my son was on the other side - "Mommy, it's seven in the evening. Did you forget that tomorrow I start in listing the paratroopers ...?"

I closed the book and I flew home. Rey, my little boy, the one who breastfed up to the age of three, is enlisting tomorrow to one of the toughest army corps.

On the road the "penny dropped" ... that by some mystical way, that day before my son's enlistment, I studied about sacrifice...

Suddenly, Yehuda Amichai's poem "The real hero of the binding of Isaac" received personal significance ... Our sons are the deer; who paid the price and slaughtered by Abraham so that Isaac can live. I knew that even for the sake of absolute faith fathers must not sacrifice their sons!

I knew that my reality is identical with that of a "black woman" ... I knew I was commanded to take action to stop the false belief of sacrifice of our boys.


The "God almighty" exhibition is my work, my cry.



Liora Kanterewicz





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