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Life is Beautiful - Street Project


"Life is Beautiful it is allowed to enjoy yourself, everything is fine" is a sentence I had first heard from a Zen Master Nissim Amon.

a Statement showing his will for the accuracy and certainly, but difficult to prove it.


With Amon, that phrase as a mantra which its students can memorize multiple times each day. Meditative work on the idea in order to change and get healthy spiritual life and deed naturally from interest and love, believing that if we do the things we love out of a positive place, than all will be right.



I printed the phrase on large format, hung it on the street and added a note for by passers:

I asked anyone who agrees with the saying, to post a red sticker and for anyone who does not agree a blue one. The colors were not chosen arbitrarily. Red is the color of warmth and emotion. Blue, cold color, represents the mind, the thought - head.

These who were spontaneous, immediately placed a red one, others pondered and thought, taped eventually a blue one, and of course there were some who sophisticatedly glued a and half blue half red one.


This experiment I was searching a quiet moment of self  in my art.

Where the mind becomes empty of thoughts and I am totally at piece. I wish that my viewer will experience that moment when looking at my art.

A large part of my work and my exhibitions such as "a Moment of Bliss" and "a Cruise into the void", I'm trying to find that moment.



Liora Kanterewicz



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